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Thursday, July 21, 2005

All-inclusive Niche Marketing Solution Redefining Turn-key Marketing

The Internets Most Exclusive, All-inclusive Niche Marketing Solution That Is Single Handedly Redefining Turn-key

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New niche site resources ...

Sam Knoll and Jason Jell have just released a new site called Niche In A Box.
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Also check out their affiliate program at:

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Here's what you receive as a member of their site:

Private Label Rights Product - A new niche product each month ready for you to put your name on.

Full Graphics and Sales Site for you to use however you wish in selling your products. This is a fully editable site, sales letter, professional graphics and all.

Bonus Products to offer with your main product, these can be bundled with the main product or sold separately (5 of them in the first month). Each of them will be topically relevant to the main niche product and designed to compliment and enhance your offering. Or of course you are free to sell these on their own.

Full graphics and sales pages for each of the bonus items. This is important to establish value if offered as bonuses or even more so if you decide to sell these on their own.

Niche Key Word List researched, analyzed and sorted for Google and Yahoo competition and KEI profitability. You can use this list to develop sub niches to exploit, to build content sites for Adsense revenue, to set up highly effective pay per click campaigns, to create your own content, and whatever else you can come up with.

Pre-made Autoresponder Series you can use to pull prospects into your sales process and then automatically follow-up repeatedly to convert them to buyers. This is the content for your secondary response system.

Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Ads you can use as is or as a starting point to create your own ads.

20 Targeted, Niche Related Articles (these are not original content and must include the author's information) all with key word densities of 3% or higher. These are perfect for using to publish a topically related Blog, to develop a newsletter or to start building content for your site

The NicheInaBox Knowledge Center stocked with over 80 books, videos and audios on: Internet Marketing, websites, personal improvement, traffic, list building, affiliate marketing, copywriting and a selection of software tools you can use to enhance your sites and all of your marketing efforts.

Audio Automator and Audio Testimonial System for members' use only. This will enable you to put audio on your sites and in your emails and to put audio testimonials on your sites.

All of the details are at:


Also check out their affiliate program at:


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Bill Whetstone


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