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Thursday, June 30, 2005

How To Create Websites that actually make money!


How To Create Websites that actually make money!

- by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved


Not a week goes by that half a dozen people don't ask me
what separates a great, money-making website from a bad one.

In response, I surveyed of a number of different websites,
large and small, to find what they share in common to make
them so successful.

With few exceptions, every extraordinarily great website
contained the following elements.

~ Testimonials

Every great website has testimonials from satisfied
customers. These testimonials help set the potential
customer's mind at ease that the products or services sold
online will perform as promised.

Truly great testimonials not only endorse the product, but
clearly state how the product increased sales, saved money,
or benefited previous buyers in very specific and tangible

Testimonials should present real benefits others can readily
identify with, understand and, more importantly, want those
same results for themselves!

~ Headlines

Headlines capture visitors' attention and get them involved
in the website.

How do you read the newspaper?

If you read like most people the headlines first catch your
attention and determine whether you'll actually read a

Similarly headlines on a website determine whether visitors
get involved in the information or surf away never to

My own experience has shown that the proper headlines can
easily and quickly double, triple, or even quadruple a
website's sales almost overnight.

~ Bullets

Bullets communicate various and subtle bits of information
about a product or service without making readers plow
through paragraphs of information to get to the meat of a
website's offering.

Bullets arouse interest, build excitement and convey a lot
of information very quickly to time-starved web surfers.

~ Bonuses

Every great website offers bonuses to people who buy, apply
or fill out a form.

Nothing induces someone to do business with you online like
offering them something extra for taking the action you

Offering a bonus report, tape, extended membership, extra
quantities of product at a deep discount, coupons, or just
about anything makes people more willing to go ahead with
the purchase decision.

~ Guarantees

Everyone takes a risk whenever they buy anything from

The risk centers on whether or not the product or service
will perform as promised. In a retail store most people feel
pretty confident the store will still exist if they need to
make a return or exchange in a few days.

On the web, however, that risk in making a purchase seems
much higher than in the 'offline' world.

Every great website makes a point of specifically telling
customers about their return policy and truly exceptional
sites offer 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantees.

People rarely take advantage of such guarantees and I have
personally seen a website's sales increase by 45% just by
extending the guarantee period an additional 30 days.

~ Phone numbers

Every great website has a phone number with a real live
human being on the other end who can answer questions and
provide product support.

So there you have it!

With few exceptions this represents the formula for creating
or identifying a truly great website.


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(757) 715-2157

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Free Google Sitemaps Generator Helps Your Website Rankings!

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Free Google SiteMaps

Monday, June 27, 2005


Subject: Digging for traffic sucks, until now...

You gotta admit... the chore of finding new traffic,

It's frustrating, cut-throat competitive, often expensive,
and the rules always change...

Little tricks and tactics that worked yesterday, WON'T
always work tomorrow.

One week you are on top of the search engines, the next
week... bottom of the barrel.

But, the problem is... traffic is the lifeblood of any
online business.

Without traffic, you're toast!

If you are sick and tired of battling it out in the search
engines, defending your rankings every day or throwing
more dollars at the pay-per-click search engines just to
stay in the game, then this will be the best news you get
all year...

In fact, you may just burst out hollaring "Hell Yeah!"
after reading this...

Yes, what I'm about to tell you is THAT exciting!

Since this news is very important (with potentially
massive impacts for your business), I wanted to give you a
quick "heads up".

All I can say is this... after tomorrow morning, the way you
drive hundreds (easily thousands) of highly-targeted visitors
to your websites each day (at no cost) will NEVER be the

Chances are you were completely unaware of all this. It's
been sitting here all this time right under your nose.

Look for an email from me first thing tomorrow morning
(Tuesday, June 28th at 9:00 AM Eastern) with details.

Please watch for it, since it contains some time- sensitive
information that you do not want to miss.

Subject: Want more traffic? Read this now!

If you have a website (or plan to), you NEED to read this
right now.

This impacts EVERY marketer online.

In fact, the sudden DEATH or survival of your websites
(and traffic) depends on it!

I am totally serious here (not exaggerating).

As we speak... you are being watched. You are being
judged... analyzed, probed, and ranked...

Not "you" personally. I'm talking about your websites.

The facts are on the table. Some people are in a state of
panic, running scared. Others... are laughing.


Everyone knows that Google is the "Mother" of traffic.

And lately, "Mama" is pissed off and back with a

It's happening as we speak...

Google is trashing, de-listing and de-ranking thousands of
websites per day. Top ranked sites are watching their
rankings -- and traffic -- plummet literally overnight.

In case you missed this back in March 2005, you are
already 3 months behind the 8-ball. And time is running

What am I talking about here?

After filing their recent US Patent Application
20050071741 on March 31, 2005, Google is telling you the
exact scorecard they use to rank your websites.

Bottom line. Google is cracking down -- BIG TIME!

If your goal is to get more traffic and dominate the
search engines, this is YOUR wake up call.

Your days may be numbered, the writing on the wall... IF
you don't start playing the game by "Google's rules".

In fact, Google is TELLING you "how" to do so.

Let me explain...

Did you know that Google now checks the year your domain
name was first registered?

Get this. It's a known fact that search engine spammers
rarely own websites that are 6 years old. 6 months?

And that is just ONE "X" on your scorecard if this applies
to you.

But, this is only a "general" guideline that Google
follows. The rest of it gets a lot more ugly and specific.

Here's more bad news...

Google now places huge emphasis on links. They want to see
a slow, gradual number of incoming links to your websites.

And not just ANY links either.

These links need to be a variety of anchor text links. If
all your anchor links are the same -- look out -- you
could get de-listed or de-ranked in a heartbeat.

Say "adios" to your traffic (and rankings).

It's happening right now... MORE so every day!

Plus, Google is telling us that they look for relevant,
quality content on your websites (no surprise) and that
Page Rank is once again a good indicator of a website's
"authority" (and relevancy).

So, now that the facts are out and Google is about to tear
apart your website like policemen raiding a crack house...
the clock is ticking and time is running out!

Odds are, your websites are not "authority" websites that
started back in 2000...

I'll even bet that (today) you have few incoming links to
your websites -- and hardly any anchor text links at all.

Those that wised up early and made the necessary changes
to Google-proof their websites are the ones laughing now.

Everyone else... is a little nervous. And rightfully so!

So, what should you do?

Well, I say... If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

How would you like to "piggyback" off high search engine
ranking, high page rank websites that are loaded with
thousands of keyword-rich, optimized pages?

... and these same sites are willing to give you hundreds
of incoming links (often anchor text) to your websites
within 7 days at NO cost!

It takes about an hour to set this up (one time).

Ok. So that easily solves your link problem, right?

Wait, it gets better... these same "authority" websites
have been around for 5 years or more and want to advertise
YOUR business, product and website to the thousands of
visitors that they attract every day.

That's right, it's like getting them to run your
Google or Overture ads on their site, but you don't pay a
penny for it.

And best of all, I'm not talking about using link farms or
link generator software. This is all totally legitimate,
Google-approved, above-board stuff -- no short-lived
tactics or trickery here.

In fact, this has ALREADY worked for several years.

Go ahead, give yourself a pinch on the arm... this is NOT
a dream or some weird search engine fantasy. It's REAL and
you can tap into this RIGHT NOW!

Chances are you were completely unaware of all this. It's
been sitting here all this time right under your nose.

Don't wait for Google to come knocking at your door next.
Get smart. Prepare yourself. The answer is a lot easier
than you might think.

Click below right now for complete details:


To your online success,

William Whetstone

Subject: You've got to see this...
Subject: Traffic "underdog" wins. Read this now...

Remember that great story as a kid?

The Tortoise And The Hare.

It's the one where the hare boasts about his speed and
challenges everyone to a race. The tortoise accepts and
the race begins...

When it comes to driving more traffic to your websites, do
you feel a bit like the "traffic tortoise" -- a little
sluggish off the starting block, always struggling to
catch up?

If you are sick and tired of battling it out in the search
engines, getting your butt whooped by faster, bigger and
more aggressive competitors...

... or maxing out your Visa card each month to buy
traffic, then this will be the BEST news you get all year.

Finally, it's YOUR turn to get even!

You see, some people (let's call them "hares"), are up to
speed on all the latest and greatest search engine
tactics, tricks and "back door" secrets.

They pounce on every new traffic ebook, jump on software
the minute it comes out... They check their search engine
rankings and stats every hour.

In a nutshell, these people are OBSESSED -- addicts even!

They will do ANYTHING to steal top rankings and traffic
from you (or anyone else who stands in their way).

To them, traffic is a "game" or "race".

And this also applies to the pay-per-click search engines
as well.

Here's a sad dose of reality... No matter how
knowledgeable you are about the search engines and
generating traffic, there is always someone better,
smarter, working harder... waiting to "eat your lunch".

No matter how much you can afford to spend on pay-per-
click advertising, there is always a competitor with
deeper pockets (or who simply writes better ads than

But, the problem is... you NEED traffic -- it's the
lifeblood of any online business.

Without traffic, you're toast!

Quite frankly, it takes a lot of work AND expertise AND
money to get more traffic.

If you remember... in the Tortoise And The Hare Story, the
tortoise DID win the race.

The predictable and steady approach claimed victory for
the "underdog".

And just like the silly rabbit who never saw it comin'...
now YOU too can beat-the-pants off other search engine
hotshots by tapping into this proven "solid as a tortoise
shell" traffic strategy.

You won't believe how simple this is...

Now there is a way to get a flood of targeted traffic
(starting tomorrow)... get top 5 rankings within the
search engines (in 7 days)... get hundreds of links from
other websites (in 72 hours)... and have your "ads"
displayed on thousands of webpages all over the Internet
-- at NO cost.

And the good news is, it doesn't rely on the latest
(short-lived) search engine gimmick or scheme that some
geek discovered in their basement.

This is all based on a clever "piggybacking" strategy
that has been sitting right under your nose this whole

You'll see exactly what I mean when you click below...


*** Note: This is extremely time sensitive information.
Hit the above link right away -- on Tues June 28th -- and
check this out.

This has really opened my eyes and I know it will do the
same for you...


To your online success,

William Whetstone

Sunday, June 26, 2005

What is JAY ABRAHAM Up to Coop Distribution and Why Should You Care?

Subject: All 1000 Spots ''Snapped-up.'' 500 More Just Added

For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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