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Friday, May 27, 2005

How TVisio's Co-op Affiliate Program Boosts Your Local Business

TVisio's Co-OpWorld Affiliate Program

A Different Approach To Earning
Co-OpWorld is a different approach to earning an income online. We took
the best elements of the most successful affiliate marketing programs
(like Avon) and employee-owned companies (like TDI, Edward Jones, Wal-Mart)
to create the Co-OpWorld Compensation plan.

There are:

* No fees to pay
* No products to be purchased
* No quotas to be met to earn.

How to Get Paid for Helping Build The Co-OpWorld Membership

The more members you sponsor, the greater your potential income.

You are paid commissions everytime the people you sponsor buy
commissionable products and services

So if your referrals pay to advertise business, or lease a web conference room,
or take a booth at one of our Expos you earn a sales commission everytime,
everyoneyou refers buys commissionable products or services.
And you never have to spend anything yourself to qualify for these

Important Details On The Powerful Twist. Read Carefully.

The most unusual (and important) aspect of Co-OpWorld is that 80%
of the funds that would normally be held onto as profits are fed into a
bonus pool that get distributed back to the stakeholders.

That's what co-opitalism is all about. It's about sharing the benefits
with those that help build our communities into a massive sales and
distribution network unlike any the world has ever seen. And the larger
we build it, the better the buying power and the bigger the savings we
offer our members.

How the bonus pool works

This bonus pool is split into 5 streams:
50% VIP members
You earn points by:
** spending in the Co-OpWorld Communities
** introducing members who spend.
** adding value to our forums by helping out whether as a moderator,
or trainer or you just come up with a great idea
5% General members

Not a big sum but it does allow us to say that you EARN , EVERYtime,
EVERYone in the community purchases commissionable products

10% Charities voted by the members
5% a group of investors and key senior managment
30% to a select group of 20,000 founders, The Volunteers, Sales
Commission People and early stage supporters that have been so
instrumental in getting the project off the ground.

We will be announcing details shortly as to how new and existing
members of our Community will be able to qualify as founders.

Check out New Gateway Pages

Your Dog and Dog World Community Expo

3-D Virtual Interactive Online Seminar

Sizzler Seminar Speakers

Sizzler Seminar Exhibitors

FREE PC to Phone and PC to PC Calls
Anywhere in the United States!..Co-Op Calls!

Make a Diffence in Your Community and get
an edge on Your competitors with Business Boosters

Web Conference General

Web Conference Biz 1

Web Conference Biz 2

Web Conference Classes

Coop Archive Intro Pages

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cooperative Distribution Community Rallies to Support Ken McArthur

http://www.AffiliateShowcase.com/?52345 has been restored.

Affilitate Showcase was the victim of a vicious hacker who
managed to wipe out all data and backups on the server
for http://www.AffiliateShowcase.com/?52345

Obviously this criminal act of terrorism cannot be tolerated
and we should all pull together to arrest such destroyers.

The Cooperative Distribution Community Rallies to Support
Ken McArthur, who was victimized by a stealthy but brazen hacker.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 12th, a person or persons
with more brains than heart managed to acquire root level
access to our main database server.

They also gained root level access to our main web servers
for AffiliateShowcase, LearningFolder, The LearningFolder
jvAlert and the web servers for a number of our clients,
both corporate and non-profit organizations websites.

These servers included websites for organizations that
supply much needed
services for victims of abuse and crime, troubled teens,
social welfare
programs and much, much more.

Many of these people have been our clients for literally
decades and the
information stored in these systems was the result of
literally thousands of
man years of effort, not only on my part, but the part
of tens of thousands of
other customers.

Despite firewalls, corporate level antivirus software,
constant scanning for
unauthorized entry, backups and operating system security,
with cold precision
they managed to systematically erase almost every file on
all of the systems.

The first indication of problems was that key websites
were no longer
responding. I attempted to check the main server and found
that it would not

After my attempts to restore the operating systems were
unsuccessful I called
in outside experts and after many, many hours of attempting
to restore the
operating systems and data, we discovered the extent of
the the damage.

Naturally, while this was going on, over 300,000 clients
who were affected by
the outage, began calling and e-mailing the office and I
had no way to contact
you and let you know what was going on.

Almost every file on the systems was gone, including our
automatic backups,
source files and client files.

The one small glimmer of hope was that key database files
were still intact
probably because of the fact that they were in use at the
time of the attack.

I'm sure that you are asking, "What about the backups?"

Yes, there were backups, but the attack managed to find
most of them and wipe
them out too. The only sources left for recovery were
files that were stored
on systems that were not connected to the main network.

As I am painfully aware this is a very trying time for
you as your
AffiliateShowcase site was temporarilly unavailable and
not knowing what is
going on can be worse than hearing bad news.

Please know that I am doing everything that I can possibly
do to restore full
service to all of my clients.

Here's the status for AffiliateShowcase Members:

The AffiliateShowcase site, requires several elements to be
at full recovery.

1. Key data is stored in a SQL Server Database. This
includes all of the over
3,000 affiliate programs, your personal links,
membership information and
internal AffiliateShowcase data.

2. The PortalCube component that provides the features
for the system.

3. Source files, HTML and ASP pages that drive
the system.

4. Customer data files that are uploaded by our customers
and stored on the
webserver -- generally custom logos, pictures, PDF files
and traffic ebooks.

Here is what we have been able to do so far:

1. We have moved the entire database system to a new
server and successfully
recovered all of the core SQL Server data for the
AffiliateShowcase system.

2. We have successfully recovered the PortalCube component.

3. We have installed a recoved a backup copy of
source data files, customer
data files and restored that backup onto a new web server.

So, what does that mean for you:

1. The main AffiliateShowcase site is now back on line.

You should be able to reach your personal site at:


2. All of the 3,000 plus affiliate programs, your membership
data, referral
information, your personal links, custom HMTL coding --
in short everything in
the SQL Server Database has been recovered.

3. Most of the source files -- ASP Pages, HTML pages --
have been recovered,
but some are out of date and may need to be reworked.

We are continuing to work to restore additional systems,
but I wanted to get
this update out to you as soon as possible.

LearningFolder and jvAlert systems have not been fully
restored yet, but we are working hard to make it happen.
Your loyalty and support have made it possible for us to
weather many storms before and we will weather
this one also, but we can't do

it without your
support and encouragement.

It is CRUCIAL that you remain with us in this time
of trouble.
Our customers
have been the backbone of all that we have done for decades
of service and we
value each and every one of you.

I know that many of you will be sending me your encouragement
and offers of
help, because that is the type of wonderful people that
we have in the
AffiliateShowcase Community. You are the most understanding
and giving people
that I can imagine.

The biggest thing that you can do to help is to continue
to be patient and
understanding. This recovery will require some time and
countless hours of
effort, but we will recover and we will take all possible
steps to make sure
that it never happens again.

If I'm a little slow to respond, please forgive me and know
that I am working
constantly to make things right for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

All the best,


Sunday, May 15, 2005

TVisio WebTV Cooperative Distribution Joint Ventures

Leading all other infopreneurs of all sizes into the new WebTV market was no fluke for TVisio RSS, a Joint Venture Brokerage Network in Birmingham, AL. CEO William Whetstone had been watching the growth of the Internet since 1995, when the World Wide Web was just beginning to take off. Whetstone, a prototypical "early adopter," knew what he wanted: a new alternative business education delivery channel that would help him enlarge his market. He had already started to implement Internet Marketing with TVisio Joint Ventures and had jumped into the market with services dedicated exclusively to Internet Marketing Surveys for alternative business education products and services.

Whetstone wasn't sure that WebTV would become the "killer app" its early promoters had predicted, but it seemed worth a shot. Then Microsoft acquired WebTV, giving a powerful boost to the new devices' long-term prospects. nFront and Microsoft designed a secure front end that could encrypt sensitive marketing information; they also redesigned displays so they are appropriate for viewing from a couch 12 feet away from a TV screen rather than a chair two feet away from a computer screen.

WebTV is an inexpensive (less than $400) device used in a familiar environment, and it's low-tech enough for a mass market. Whetstone foresees a time in the future when communications bandwidth becomes more abundant and a consumer can sit at her kitchen table going over financial and marketing information displayed on the TV screen. If she needs a joint venture broker, she will be able to tele-confer with one via her TV.

Of course, Whetstone doesn't know when this capability will be available and popular. But TVisio RSS will be ready. Whetstone says that WebTV used in this way could be the vital factor in balancing the efficiency of electronic delivery with the imperative of making personal relationships the centerpiece of joint venture brokerage services as we address the new economic realities of cooperative distribution.

Besides being sound growth strategy, getting ahead of the curve in Internet Cooperative Distribution Joint Ventures is also good defense, Whetstone calculates, considering the killer competition among internet marketers.

The new MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player gives you exciting new ways to enjoy digital video, music, and photos from the Internet or your PC—right on your television.* You can also surf the Web or check your e-mail from the comfort of your couch.


  • Bring entertainment from your PC to your TV
  • Use your broadband home network to enjoy the Windows Media-compatible video, music, and photos stored on your PC on your television.

  • Play video, music, and photos from the Internet
  • Enjoy Internet entertainment on TV in the comfort of your living room with MSN video. Or use your broadband connection and MSN Radio Plus to listen to 200 commercial-free Internet radio stations.

  • Create and view photo slide shows on TV
  • View digital photos sent to you in e-mail. Use your broadband home network to create slide shows from photos stored on your PC or directly from a media card with optional USB card reader.

  • Second Internet access device for the whole family
  • Easily supervise your kids’ Internet access in the living room. As a second access device, MSN TV 2 frees up your office or den.

  • Hassle-free and easy to use
  • MSN TV 2 connects to your TV and current phone line or broadband home network with no software to load or maintain. Microsoft technology helps protect you from spam and viruses.

  • No Internet? No problem
  • MSN TV 2 makes it easy to access the Internet and e-mail by using just your phone line and TV. Browse the Web, shop, plan travel, and more—all from the comfort of your living room.

  • MSN TV 2 requires MSN TV Service
  • MSN TV 2 requires a monthly paid service. Visit www.msntv.com for information on service plans for dial-up, using your own ISP, and service for broadband users. MSN TV dial-up services are available as a local call in most areas. In some areas, long distance telephone toll charges may apply. To check local access call 1-866-GO MSNTV or visit www.msntv.com.

    *Requires connection to a home broadband network and MSN TV service for broadband.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


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the RSS to Blog affiliate program.

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Blogging solution on the market!!

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RSS to Blog Affiliate Program

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I want you to check out this one. It's not "another" software. It's
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RSS to Blog Affiliate Program

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downloaded it. I've already started using it. :)

This is a magical software.

RSS to Blog Affiliate Program

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Google Approved Ingenius Promotion Strategy



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Fact #1 – 64.8% of the World's Internet Users Speak English but Prefer to Search and Browse the Web in Their Native Languages

Fact #2 – 22% of Americans Search & Browse the Web Non-English languages

Fact #3 – Google Provides Multilingual Platforms and Crawls Web Pages in 35 Different Languages

Fact #4 – It's Getting Very Difficult for English Websites to Get a Top 10 Ranking in Google

Fact #5 – Less than 5% of web pages are non-English & Their Google PR is Low in Many Cases!

Fact #6 – Google Filters Are Less 'Sensitive', 'Strict' and 'Intelligent' When Dealing with Non-English Pages

Can you see the true strength of your market now?

Multilingual Internet users go to search engines, and (prefer to) input keywords in their native languages rather than in English!

Very few English site owners have non-English contents. This means online foreign markets are very ripe and still largely untapped with very little competition.

Online foreign language markets are growing at a much faster rate than English speaking ones as the Internet continues to penetrate these countries at an incredible speed.

According to statistics, 64.8% of total Internet users in the world do not use English as primary language. 35.7% of total population uses European Languages and 32.3% use Asian Languages.

Imagine, your Website published instantly in these languages:

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