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Friday, December 17, 2004

How to Boost Your Biz into Home-Run Auto Pilot

Up until now I haven’t run my “own” opt-in list. Whetstone TV
has never been a mass mailer. We continue to offer solo mailings, and with
paid ads going out to our lists almost daily, we never had the time
to really let people know who we are, but we’ve decided to change that.

TradeVisionary Network Affiliates
eCourse called: 15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money.


Our entire business model is changing, and this is the first visible sign of it from my end. I also just started my very own opt-in list, and in the month or so I’ve been building it I already gathered about 3,000 subscribers. If you’re one of them, welcome.

If you want to subscribe, just send an email to: whetstonetv@getresponse.com . You’ll be added to my personal opt-in list. I know I should really have a subcribe form on the site … and trust me .. it’s coming.

Do You know the Magic Keywords for Headlines?

Who, Why, How,

Secrets, Breakthrough,

Free, Proven, Guaranteed, New, Amazing, Shocking,

Money, Sex,

Introducing, Announcing, Finally,

Quickly, Easily, Instantly

4) Your headline should promise the single biggest
benefit you can deliver to your visitors... and... you
should do that in an exciting manner. For example, one
of the headlines I have used on
is: "F.R.E.E Killer E-course Reveals How To Increase your
Web site Profits by an Amazing 954%... Quickly and Easily.

Even if you consider your site a "content" site,
you shouldn't use headlines like "Welcome!" I mean,
come on. Where is the excitement in this? You have
about 5-10 seconds to prove to your visitors that they
should read your page. (Yep, headlines are great time
savers for them!)

Instead, use a headline like you would use in a
"direct response" site (read: salesletter.) In a
couple of issues, you will see some great headlines
from a very specific "industry" and I can *guarantee*
that they will blow you away. They are *that* good!

Use the *structure* of successful headlines. For example,
here's one of the BIGGEST "gangbusters" in the history
of direct marketing:

"They Laughed When I sat at the Piano... but
When I Started to Play!"

You could adapt this headline in your own
situation. If, for example, you sell a manual on "How
to Make your Blog Orgasmic" You could use something like

"They Laughed When I said That I Would Make My
Blog a Vibrant Orgasmatron in One Month... but when
TradeVisionary Blogapalooza started to spew forth
Seminal Information on How Your Home Business
Can Trigger Massive Profits to Your Bank Account,
their jaws dropped open!"

PS. In a couple of days, you will receive the
issue of this mini course that will reveal:

Why the only experts you should listen to are
your *visitors*... and how to use this knowledge
to *skyrocket* the profits of your website.

If you want to make your web business
outrageously successful, this lesson is probably the
most important one you will ever have. And... I will
also show you a fre.e tool you can use that will make
all the difference in the world!


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I could go on, but a better ideas is to sign up for an
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My full contact info is:

William Whetstone
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William Whetstone